My name is Tré

My name is Tré and this is my first blog post. I spontaneously got the urge to create myself a blog. I’ve always had a passion for writing about my opinions on specific things. Predominantly about things that I am passionate about. Things that I enjoy and things which are ongoing around the world in discussion. This is probably a reason as to why I chose to study sociology, communication & culture and media at A level. After quietly always wanting to begin blogging or something similar to it,  I’ve never fully put my efforts into it. I thought that creating a blog for myself would be a great way for to explore my urge further. I am particularly interested in music, social justice, current affairs and public figures. Consequently, I think that my blog will follow these key subjects throughout the most but things always change right? Hopefully, I won’t just ‘give up’ and I will actually write more than just a few posts. I have a few topics that I have ready to write about so I have faith that I will gradually continue posting. After all, who knows how this blog will develop further.