Toxic people

‘Toxic’ is a very strong word to describe someone. However, the term ‘toxic people’ or ‘toxic friends’ is being used quite a lot recently so let’s just go along with it.

So what makes someone ‘toxic’?

From what I’ve gathered, toxic people are those that fundamentally make you feel like sh*t. For the majority of the time, you probably won’t even realise it until you take a step back. You’ll realise that that one ‘friend’ of yours isn’t benefiting you in any way, shape or form.

You know those random friends that you had when you were fifteen in your science class. The ones that compared their grades to yours. The self obsessed type that has a sort of bad presence but keeps you on your toes. Almost like that crush that keeps you chasing after them. They’re a little toxic. They’ll at least make you laugh for half of the lesson until the jokes go too far and begin to get disrespectful.

The real toxic people are on another level. They’re are selfish, they point out your insecurities and then say ‘”but it doesn’t matter” straight after, in their patronising voice. They’ll have you guessing what ‘version’ of them you’ll be faced with on that day. They never apologies for their mistakes. But that’s because they don’t have to. You’ve been manipulated to thinking that they’re superior. Your toxic friend is judgemental. You’ll always know when they don’t like something that you’ve done/said today. Sharing is unheard of to them. Oh and there’s no point in arguing with them because they’re always right.

It makes you wonder why we hang around with these people. A lot of the time, you won’t even realise it until you’ve escaped them. But if you do realise, it’s definitely worth cutting them off. You’ll no longer have to compromise yourself for them.